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Bag In Box


A Bag In Box (Abbreviated as BIB) is a type of packaging for the storage and transportation of liquids. It is a bag in large volume seated inside a corrugated cardboard box. The Bag In Box is suitable for many packaging applications. It is used for syrup, juice, soft drink fountains, ketchup, mustard, sauce, sulfuric acid, water, seasonings, oil, wine, food additives, pesticides, liquid fertilizer, chemical and pharmaceutical reagents, etc. 

Materials available for option 


Features of Bag In Box: 

●1.5L-220L Big volume capacity

●Attractive & custom design to maximum brands images
●Environmentally low carbon effectiveness, fully compliant with new environmental regulations
●Cost-effective solution compared to traditional packaging such as can, hard containers.
●Compliant with food packaging regulations
●Re-closable with cap 
●Reduce packaging and transportation cost, easy storage 
●Strong sealing strength, non-breakage, non leakage 
●Eco-friendly materials & Moisture proof, protect from light, gas barrier


Bag In Box Dimensions: 

Capacity (Litre)



Carton Size & Weight


NY/VMPET/PE+PE, NY/PE+PE 110 microns


600*400*500, 350 units/CTN, 15kg


NY/VMPET/PE+PE, NY/PE+PE 110 microns


600*400*500, 350 units/CTN, 16kg


NY/VMPET/PE+PE, NY/PE+PE 110 microns


600*400*500, 300 units/CTN, 18kg


NY/VMPET/PE+PE, NY/PE+PE 130 microns


600*400*500, 250 units/CTN, 18kg


NY/VMPET/PE+PE, NY/PE+PE 130 microns


600*400*500, 200 units/CTN, 19kg


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