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Related Terms about Packaging Bag (Part II)
Author:Ivy Wong

Die lines. It is also called artwork template which fits the actual sizes of bag outlines. It helps designer to have the artworks done easily. For standard sizes of coffee bags, Texin offer existing Die Lines for downloading. For custom print bags, we will draw a custom die line as per customers’ requests.

LLDPE. It is a linear low-density polyethylene ideal for packaging of foods, with strong property, in clear or white color. It is heat sealable, has excellent puncture and tear resistance, and has a high degree of stiffness. It is often used as the inner layer in all laminates, which also meet FDA regulations.

Natural Kraft. A durable strong form of paper that can be in white or brown. It has high tensile strength, therefore it is often used as the outer substrate on bags and pouches. It is eco-friendly and presents a natural looks. Kraft paper coffee bags can be printed or un-printed.

OPP. Abbreviation for Oriented Polypropylene. This material is used as a substitute for PET due to a more competitive pricing and the ability of the material to have a matte finish. Laminate made used this outer substrate tends to wrinkle easier when heat sealed.

PE. Abbreviation for polyethylene that is the most widely used plastic. It is often used as inner layer of laminates in packaging as well as a bonding agent in wet lamination.

PET. Abbreviation for Polyethylene terephthelate that is a form of polyester. Due to its excellent tear strength, elongation properties and its competitive price, it is often used as the outer substrate on laminates. Images and artwork is usually printed on the reverse side of PET.

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