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Related Terms about Packaging Bag (Part I)
Author:Ivy Wong

Here are some related terms about packaging bag such as coffee bags, rice packaging, food bags, etc. Customer will know more about our products and other details of our production.

Laminate. Laminate is a composite material made of 2 or more dissimilar substrates such as PET and AL bonded together. A laminate for coffee bags and roll stock can be 2-ply or 3-ply, with the outer layer being Natural Kraft, PET, or Vinyl. The optional central barrier substrate can be AL or VMPET, and the inner substrate is usually LLDPE. For example, PET/PE is 2-ply laminate, while PET/AL/PE is 3-ply of laminate.

2-ply laminate. Just as the name implies, it is 2 layer of laminate material. It typically consists of an outer layer of PET or vinyl and an inner layer of LLDPE. The LLDPE can be white or clear, in which case creating Opaque or clear outlook respectively. Compared with 3-ply laminate, 2-ply  often display a better look than 3-ply laminate, however 2-ply offers shorter shelf life for products packed inside, as the contents are less shielded against light and oxygen.

3-ply laminate. A 3-ply laminate is a 3-layer laminate, where the middle layer can be AL, or VMPET. 3-ply laminates has better protection properties against oxygen and light than 2-ply laminates. In most cases, Coffee Bags have 3-ply structure.

AL. With its superb insulation against oxygen and light, AL (Aluminum) is often used as a light and oxygen barrier in the middle of 3-ply materials. AL is often laminated in Coffee Bags.

Dry laminate.  A laminating method where two substrates that are joined together with a solvent based adhesive, offering the best bonding strength among laminates. Dry laminate cuts a bit easier than wet laminate, but is less cost effective.

Laminate production process. After the artwork and print proof being approved, the production starts with the manufacturing of the cylinders (based on gravure printing). After cylinders being made, the production process, the image or graphics & all information will be printed in up to 8 colors on the reversal of the outer substrate such as PET or OPP. The next step is the lamination, where the substrates are bonded together. After this, the laminate is wound, sealed into bag, cut, and packaged.

Lamination. A process by which a sandwich of film layers is bound together by adhesives, coatings, or other polymers to form substrates with improved physical and chemical properties. Texin offers dry lamination and wet lamination.


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