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FAQs for Coffee Bags

Here are some questions about coffee bags frequently asked by our customers:

Q:  What are your minimum quantities for Custom Printed Coffee Bags?
A: For stock coffee bags, the minimum order is 3,000pcs. For custom printing, minimum quantities vary based on the laminate materials being used and total sizes (printing sizes). For example, 12-16 oz coffee bag requires 20,000 pieces as minimum order. For accurate and specified details, please contact our sales representative.

Q:  What is the lead time (production time) for coffee bags?
A:  Totally it will take about 20-25 days for a regular order. Upon receipt of the advance payment for order confirmation, it will take 5-7 days to have the paper proof approval. Once the proof is approved, engraving of cylinders will need another 4-5 days. Actual production time needs 15-20 days around depending on the quantities.
Sometimes there may be a little different. But we will try to make the delivery as soon as possible for a prompt delivery. For overseas customer, it will require extra 15-30 days for ocean shipping time which vary from destination place to place.

Q: Will you provide a die line (die cut/template) to us for artworks designing?
A: Texin will of course assist you to make an accurate design for your ideal coffee bags. We will have some regular size artwork die lines available, if you require a custom size, please tell your size to our sales and we will work out a custom die line for your designer if necessary.

Q:  What is a one-way degassing valve?
A:  Texin provides two sources of One-Way Degassing Valves, one is from Domestic, and the other is imported from PBI. Both of them work well, but domestic valve is much price effective. Texin’s valve consists of a valve body, a rubber disc, and oil.  The rubber disc is attached to the valve body by a layer of the oil, creating an oxygen-proof function.  

Q:  How does the one-way degassing valve work with coffee bags?
A:  One-Way Degassing Valves allows pressure to be released from an air-tight coffee bag while preventing air outside. Air (especially the oxygen (O2) portion) can have negative effects on coffee contents, and make it stale. When gas pressure inside a sealed coffee bag increases beyond the “valve pressure point,” the seal between the rubber disc and the valve body is instantly interrupted and gas (CO2) can escape out of the bags, avoiding bag exploding.  As gas is released and the pressure inside the package drops below the “valve pressure point,” the rubber disc re-seals to close the valve preventing oxygen in again. The most common application of the one-way degassing valve is for fresh roasted coffee.

Q: What materials can you offer for coffee bags?
A: Texin provide varieties of laminate materials as to suit different application and cost requirements. The most common laminates are PET/AL/PE for glossy finish and OPP/AL/PE for a matte finish.

Q:  Does your materials contain any hazardous chemicals or substances?
A:  Absolutely not. We have set up a strict materials control system. The materials are all food grade standard and does not contain hazardous substances.

Q: Does Texin offer die line or artwork template for a coffee bag design?
A: Yes, we do. We will offer both standard die lines for different sizes and we also provide die lines for custom coffee bags. For die lines, please go to Resources for downloading.

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