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Artwork Guidelines

How to determine the size of shrink sleeve

Some customer may not know about how to determine the sizes of shrink sleeves for a container, before we make calculations we have to make some terms clear as below:

Slit width(also called Open width): It is the total width of a shrink sleeve before it is seamed.
Layflat width: It is the width of the seamed shrink sleeve or the width of the finished product, which is less than a half of slit width.

By the quick thumbs as below, you can also easily get the correct layflat size of shrink sleeves by yourself, you are your expert here in this way.

How to Calculate Layflats of shrink sleeves

Layflat = (Diameter + 2 mm) x 1.57, in common sense, diameter plays a key role in determine the layflat size of shrink sleeve.
Example for a bottle on the left: 70mm diameter +2mm = 72mm x1.57 = 113.04mm (Always round up to nearest millimeter), so the layflat of shrink sleeve label for the bottle is 113.04mm.

Based on layflat width, now we can get the design width and slit width of shrink sleeves. The design width is just double of the layflat width, which is 226.08mm for the above example. In general, the slit width is 7mm more than the design width, leaving 3mm on the right and 4mm on the left as welded areas without printing, that is 233.08mm.

Generally, the design height is 4 mm less than the cut length, leaving 2 mm on the top and the bottoms of the shrink sleeves without printing. This is a quick way to know the layflats of shrink sleeves for your containers, but we have to get the actual container to make the final sizes of shrink sleeves.


Layflats of Shrink sleeves for water bottles (Regular sizes, only for reference purpose).

Layflat Width(mm)
Slit Width(mm)
Design Width(mm)

 **(1 inch=25.4 mm)


Artwork Guidelines for Shrink Sleeves

When designing or creating artworks of shrink sleeves being sent for Gravure printing, please take into consideration the following issues:

* Contact information, Company name, detailed address of your company, City, State, ZIP, Phone number, etc
* Layout must be suitable for Gravure printing.
* Detailed specifications & sizes should be included in the job. Artworks must fit the template provided by Texin, showing fold lines, seam area and layout restrictions.
* Barcodes must be placed vertically.


** Please see below example of a shrink sleeve with full information necessary.

Acceptable file formats for printing:

The printing files can be sent via E-mail or CD, customer can also provide download links to us and we will down load the file by ourselves. The files must be in one of the formats as below:
* Illustrator
* Photoshop
* Freehand
* Coreldraw

When sending by E-mail, please include: High resolution images, Tiffs, Eps files, Embedded images & Fonts. We don’t accept low resolution images. If file is large please send us the link for dowloading.
All text or fonts in the design should be converted into curves/paths as to avoid registration problem in different computer systems. Fonts in the file must be included if they are not turned into curves. An 8-point font is the smallest recommended.

As to ensure a high quality printing, all picture resolutions should be at least CMYK module 300 dpi at 1:1 size.

Color swatches:

Colors and their pantone numbers should be clearly labeled if it is necessary.
Spot colors are best for matching specific colors. If possible, please list number of colors used in the job. Printing colors will be matched accordingly to CMYK and spot color to PANTONE standards.


Artwork Guidelines for Coffee Bags


We also offer artwork die lines for packaging bags such as coffee bags. For standard sizes of coffee bags, you can download Die Lines from Resources. For custom packaging, please contact us with your requirements, our team will assist you to get proper die lines.


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